What Happened on 10 February 2014

Kidney disease kills several young men in Central America

Researchers aren't sure about what's causing the widespread kidney disease in Central America. The Verge notes that thousands of field… Read More.

Young giraffe put down in zoo due to over inbreeding

The Copenhagen Zoo put down a young male giraffe after concerns regarding inbreeding. The two-year-old Marius was said to be… Read More.

Military dog captured by Taliban

The first canine POW appears to have been captured by the militants during a battle in Afghanistan with American forces. … Read More.

Buying a beer could be a huge investment in some countries

Minimum-wage workers in countries such as Bangladesh find it a serious investment to grab a beer after work. A recent… Read More.

Man travels 1k miles after falling for scam

Many of us receive news about winning a lottery and forget about it a couple of hours later. However, this… Read More.

Jobless rate falls but doesn't impress

Economists expected more jobs to be created in January than there actually were. The rate of unemployment dropped from 6.7… Read More.

Sochi's first meme features Ashley Wagner

Ashley Wagner's selection to the US team was controversial to begin with and the figure skater is stirring the pot… Read More.

Napolitano says Obama never ditched Sochi

Janet Napolitano spoke about President Obama's decision to not attend the Sochi Games and mentioned that he wanted to send… Read More.

Snowden robbed NSA using cheap software

Edward Snowden scraped the NSA's computer networks with the help of a widely available software.  "We do not believe this… Read More.

A drone may be a future car accessory

A new Renault concert SUV accompanies a drone with the ability to investigate traffic or hazards related to off-roading.  Damon… Read More.

Valentino apologizes after promoting bag

A wake is definitely not the time to promote fashion and luxury brand Valentino apologized for doing just that.  The… Read More.

Shia LaBeouf wears bag on head at premiere

Shia LaBeouf walked out of a press conference being held in Germany and appeared at a red carpet later covering… Read More.