What Happened on 09 March 2014

Man who damaged condoms convicted of assault

A Canadian man is being sent to jail for plotting to make his girlfriend pregnant. Craig Hutchinson poked holes in… Read More.

Pentagon spends a fortune on studying Putin's body language

You could either stare into Vladimir Putin's eyes or spend tons of money to study his body language.  Defense officials… Read More.

Countries that have the most millionaires

The rich are definitely becoming richer but the rate at which it happens has slowed down. Reports suggest that the… Read More.

Beer may be the new sports drink

A Canadian company is hoping that people begin using beer cans as water bottles. Reports suggest that Vampt's Lean Machine… Read More.

Flickr co-founder launches interesting app

The co-founder of photo-sharing app called Flickr has launched an app, which acts like a tour guide and notes historical… Read More.

Schwarzenegger sued by inmates

Inmates at a prison in California said "Valley fever" is responsible for the deaths of 30 of their fellow inmates… Read More.