What Happened on 09 August 2013

India defense minister accuses Pakistan of being behind fatal attack

India's defense minister has accused Pakistan of being behind the ambush that killed five Indian troops this week.  Defense Minister… Read More.

Large parts destroyed in the new fire at Nairobi Airport

A fire that had destroyed and damaged the International Airport in Nairobi restarted on Thursday. There was no comment from… Read More.

Two British teens attacked in Zanzibar

Two British teens, Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup, volunteering as teachers at a local school were attacked with acid in… Read More.

Low jobless claims point to the healing market

The number of jobless claims in the United States had risen a little last week but the numbers have been… Read More.

Six small car models to fare badly in crash safety test

According to the insurance industry's tougher front-end crash tests, only two versions of Honda Motor out of 12 small cars… Read More.

Website to offer discounts on back-to-school clothes

Schoola Stitch is now offering parents a way to shop for brand name garments that have been gently-used while promising… Read More.

Allen and Anderson sit out Indianapolis' practice

Dwayne Allen and Justin Anderson couldn't join the Colts' practice Thursday. Allen has suffered a foot injury and is being… Read More.

Fan stormed the pitch and hugged the star

A fan stormed the pitch during the second half of the International Champions Cup and hugged Madrid star Christiano Ronaldo. … Read More.

Test-tube meat to be available in Supermarkets soon

The fried burger sizzled in a pan but it didn't come from a cow but from a lab by a… Read More.

'Lego leg' helps woman to connect with fellow amputees

Christina Stephens has always been fond of building Lego and she put her skills to work by making a prosthetic… Read More.

Margaret Pellegrini dies at 89

One of the original Munchkins in from the movie "The Wizard of Oz" has died at 89.  Margaret Pellegrini suffered… Read More.

Kate Upton is proud to be religious

Kate Upton, the beautiful supermodel has recently tattooed her finger with a cross so she can always show her devotion… Read More.