What Happened on 08 August 2013

Obama to provide an additional $195M to Syria

President Barack Obama has now sent over $1 billion since the beginning of Syrian civil war 2 years ago. Obama… Read More.

Half of children in Dominican to live in poverty

Although the Dominican Republic's economy has been steadily growing since 1996, UNICEF has found out that half of the population… Read More.

Breivik's college application rejected

The University of Oslo has rejected Breivik's application for its political science program. According to the school, Breivik is not… Read More.

Cellphones used as learning tools in schools

Although, schools have banned the usage of cellphones in classrooms, students at a school outside Chicago were made to call… Read More.

Tax breaks to attract Hollywood to Britain

Top Hollywood filmmakers are now being attracted to Britain. The director of the British Film Institute's Film Fund said this… Read More.

U.S. refineries to find strong demand

There have been strong demands for diesel fuel from U.S. refineries and the country has now become the top exporter… Read More.

Deon Grant of the New York Giants' retires

Deon Grant, a player for the New York Giants' 2011 team in the Super Bowl retired as a member. Grant… Read More.

Tiger Woods nearly gets crushed by fans

Tiger Woods was asked for autographs by fans behind a metal gate during a practice round at the PGA Championship.… Read More.

Yahoo to change its logo

Yahoo has decided to change its logo after nearly two decades. The company is showcasing different variations of the logo… Read More.

Scientists invent a computer that tells sexist jokes

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh created a computer that can come up with its own one-liners by following a… Read More.

Usher's son hospitalized after accident

Tameka Foster, Usher's ex wife has been given a hearing for custody after their older child's hand got stuck in… Read More.

Disney loses $160m on The Lone Ranger

According to Disney's recent announcement, the company is expected to lose between $160 million and $190 million because of the… Read More.