What Happened on 07 November 2013

China pollution blamed for girl's lung cancer

An 8-year-old girl in China has become the youngest victim of lung cancer in the country and her doctors are… Read More.

Gore criticizes NSA's recently leaked crimes

Al Gore used the words such as "absurd" and "crimes against the Constitution" while speaking of the methods used by… Read More.

Teens dressed as Twin Towers win halloween costume contest

Two British teens have won the worst halloween costume idea this year.  They went to a nightclub wearing costumes that… Read More.

Personal data is resold when you apply for a payday loan

Pam Fessler decided to click on one of the ads for a payday loan service. She applied for a $500… Read More.

All blockbuster stores to close by next year

Blockbuster stores were numbered 9,000 about a decade ago but only 300 of them are remaining now. Those too, will… Read More.

Burger King brings back Big Mac

Burger King's "Big King" sandwich looks quite similar to the Big Mac on McDonald's menu.  According to Burger King, the… Read More.

DC asks Redskins to change the racist name

Redskins are now being pressurized by the DC Council over name change.  Council member David Grosso said the team's argument… Read More.

Overexcited fan injures Lochte

Ryan Lochte won't be swimming for a while since he recently got injured.  A teenage girl ran at Lochte and… Read More.

Spy plane can reach anywhere it needs to in one hour

An unarmed spy plane, which is currently being worked on, would be able to travel six times as fast as… Read More.

Computerized child catches 1k predators

Dutch children's rights activists found a smart way to catch predators online and succeeded in doing so.  They used the… Read More.

Stewart: Rob Ford should go to rehab

On the Daily Show, Jon Stewart mentioned that Rob Ford has got "huge balls" since he admitted to smoking crack… Read More.

Muslim teen girl to be a new superhero

A new Marvel superhero expected to come in February is unique for the superhero is actually a heroine and a… Read More.