What Happened on 06 September 2013

US intel on Syria attack sat unprocessed

Latest Updates - US Attacks Syria US was able to warn the potential victims in Syria when it learned… Read More.

German morgue notices victim still alive

Worker in a German morgue noticed the 72-year old car crash victim who was still breathing after she had been… Read More.

Explosion near interior minister's convoy in Egypt

A car bomb targeting the interior minister of Egypt exploded in Cairo on Thursday. Mohammed Ibrahim, the interior minister was… Read More.

Experimental 'Armadillo' car saves parking space

The experimental car 'Armadillo-T" made in South Korea parks itself on the click of a smartphone and saves plenty of… Read More.

Yahoo changes logo after 18 years

Yahoo has changed its logo for the first time in 18 years, after a month of teasing and displaying different… Read More.

Florida planning to sell land so it can buy land

Florida is planning on putting a substantial amount of land on sale and getting rid of the less significant 5,000… Read More.

Town fights to keep Jim Thorpe's body

The sons of the famous American Indian athlete Jim Thorpe of the 20th century have been fighting to get his… Read More.

Mike Modano marries a 24-year old

Mike Modano, retired Dallas Stars center married a 24-year old professional golfer, Allison Micheletti on Sunday. Micheletti is the daughter… Read More.

Google looks to continue scanning Gmail

Google's attorneys are insisting that their long-running practice of scanning the contents of people's emails on Gmail in order to… Read More.

Jersey schools asking students to bring their own tech

There used to be a time when schools didn't allow students to bring cellphones and other gadgets to the premises.… Read More.

'Blue is the Warmest Color' actresses comment on lesbian sex scenes

The actresses that worked in the new film "Blue is the Warmest Color" said they wouldn't want to work with… Read More.

Chappelle blames audience for breakdown

Dave Chappelle said the meltdown he had onstage last week wasn't his fault. He put the blame on the awful… Read More.