What Happened on 06 December 2013

Toronto mayor partied with blackmailing gangsters

The Rob Ford story has moved forward with the release of files revealing how he took drugs and hung out… Read More.

Thailand sells refugees to human traffickers

A refugee who was sold to human traffickers by Thai immigration officials said it seemed to be official initially. "They… Read More.

Russian diplomats charged in a big fraud

Over three dozen Russian diplomats and their spouses are charged with lying about their incomes and getting the government to… Read More.

Victoria's Secret targets guys desperate to exit the store

Employees at Victoria's Secret are trained to make money out of guys who are uncomfortable about entering the store.  "The… Read More.

The class of 2012 has an average debt of about $29K

The average debt load of the class of 2012 is $29,400, which is up from $26,600 in 2011.  Stagnant family… Read More.

Fast food strikes return and Obama speaks up in their favor

Fast food workers are going to be striking in 100 cities today and protestors in another 100 cities will call… Read More.

Steelers coach fined $100k

The NFL fined the Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin $100,000 for interfering with a runner in the opposing team. … Read More.

First NBA game in Mexico canceled due to smoke

NBA may have to wait another 16 years to have a game in Mexico at this rate.  The game between… Read More.

Twitter adds a female to its board

Twitter finally added a woman named Majorie Scardino to its boy club of executives after much criticism.  The company became the… Read More.

2M Facebook, Yahoo, Google passwords posted on Russian website

About two million passwords for top services such as Facebook were posted on a Russian-language website.  Experts said its the… Read More.

Rumor: Kim and Kayne plan Versailles wedding

If the latest rumors are true, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are planning on getting married at a fancy venue:… Read More.

DC Comics picked new wonder woman

DC Comics has officially picked one lucky lady for the role of Wonder Woman in the upcoming movie called 'Superman… Read More.