What Happened on 05 May 2014

Doomed ferry was routinely overloaded

Recent investigations have revealed that the doomed ferry in South Korea exceeded its cargo limit on almost every trip it… Read More.

Sinn Fein leader to go free

Sinn Fein leader, who has lately been suspected of a murder in 1972, will reportedly walk free without any charge. … Read More.

Home in East Hampton sells for $147M

A beach estate in the East Hampton was recently sold to hedge fund manager Barry Rosenstein for $147M.  The estate… Read More.

Young blood may help reverse aging

New studies indicate that the blood of young mice can help muscles and brain in older ones.  "I am extremely… Read More.

Spider-Man 2 falls short of expectations

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 started off with a successful weekend and made $92M. However, the biggest opening of the year… Read More.