What Happened on 04 September 2013

Over 2 million refugees forced out of Syria

More than two million people from Syria have gone into neighboring countries. There are about 5,000 refugees every day that… Read More.

Syria gets ready for US strike

Latest Updates - US Attacks Syria President Obama recently announced that he is seeking the approval of the Congress… Read More.

Ice Wall to be built around Fukushima

Given the dangerous radioactivity that continues to plague Fukushima, Japan is now planning on building an ice wall around the… Read More.

Apple sets press event for Sept. 10

Apple has invited journalists to a media event on Sept. 10 at the headquarters of the company in Cupertino. Unlike… Read More.

Kodak to emerge from backruptcy

Kodak has recently gained approval from a court for a plan that would help it to emerge from bankruptcy as… Read More.

Florida family finds underwater gold

A 65-year old man in Florida who has spent his life looking for treasure off the coast has made a… Read More.

Rodman returns to N. Korea to hang with his friend

Dennis Rodman has returned to Pyongyang but that might not mean any good news for the American prisoner Kenneth Bae.… Read More.

Longest basketball shot to ever be made

Some Australian trick-shot artists might be destined to make a Guinness World Record after aiming a basketball shot from a… Read More.

Lenovo CEO gives bonus to workers

Lenovo's CEO has been generous enough to distribute his heavy chunk of bonus amongst his 10,000 employees.  The $3M bonus… Read More.

EU looking to stop drivers from over-speeding

Bothered by the number of people in the European Union that die in road accidents annually has led the EU… Read More.

New 'American Idol' judges announced

After many rumors, it has been officially announced that Henry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Lopez along with Keith Urban are… Read More.

Fans of '50 Shades' dislike casting choices

'50 Shades of Grey' fans had been waiting to hear about the casting news for several months now. However, many… Read More.