What Happened on 04 March 2018

US President Steps Up War of Words over Trade War with European Union

US President Donald Trump didn’t stop by announcing increased global duties on metals (25 per cent on steel and 10… Read More.

BlackRock Inc Says Florida Mass Shooting Needs Response from Public and Private Entities

BlackRock Inc, biggest investment management firm (managing $5 trillion worth investment) of the world, has stepped up pressure on companies… Read More.

Canadian Terrorist Abdulrahman Writes Letter to the Judge and Asks for a Second Chance

20 year old Abdulrahman El-Bahnasawy (Canadian convicted of terrorism) has submitted a 24-page hand-written letter to the US judge before… Read More.

8 Confirmed Deaths Reported after Deadly Storm Passes Through North East USA

Authorities have confirmed that the deadly storm has killed 8 people throughout the northeastern USA. Reports say two million… Read More.