What Happened on 03 October 2013

Death doll in elephant poisoning rises to 91

It was bad enough to hear about poachers poisoning the watering holes of elephants and killing about 40 of them… Read More.

Number of attackers at Kenya Mall may have been fewer

According to a top Kenya government official, four attackers can be seen on television footage during the terrorist attack on… Read More.

2-year old has twin removed from his stomach

Doctors found out something disturbing when Xiao Feng was admitted to a hospital with a swollen stomach: He was carrying… Read More.

Occupy Wall Street to launch a debit card

Two weeks ago Occupy Money Cooperative began to raise money to fund its operations and come up with its first… Read More.

Companies slowing down drive-thrus

Since fast food chains have started to offer more complex menu items, their drive-thru windows have become slower.  A recent… Read More.

JetBlue will offer first-class seats

JetBlue has abandoned the idea of all its passengers being treated equally. The airline is now creating first-class option and… Read More.

Wife of Reds pitcher said she was attacked by Pirates fan

It looks like an evening that should have been beautiful turned into an ugly incident for the wife of Reds… Read More.

Survivor said Hernandez shot his friends

There had already been suspicions regarding Aaron Hernandez being in a drive-by shooting in 2012; more fuel to the fire… Read More.

Cook lets you share and create your own digital cookbook

There are plenty of cookbook apps on the iPad but none that would let you create and then share your… Read More.

FBI takes down alleged internet drug market

The FBI has at least temporarily taken down a website that's been selling illegal drugs. Reports suggest that undercover agents… Read More.

Author Tom Clancy dead at 66

The New York Times has reported the death of spy thriller writer Tom Clancy.  His publisher, the Penguin Group mentioned… Read More.

The Simpsons to kill off character

The 25th season of the Simpsons will end one character light. Reports suggest that a well-known character will reach the… Read More.