What Happened on 03 March 2014

John Kerry to meet officials in Kiev

According to a senior administration official, Secretary of State John Kerry is expected to travel to Ukraine in order to… Read More.

Recent attack in China was its 9/11

Ulighur separatists are being blamed for the recent knife attack in China that killed 33 people. The media isn't downplaying… Read More.

SAT scores may haunt you in your 40s

Your SAT scores could come back into your life and haunt you even if you don't remember taking the test… Read More.

There are several inefficient workouts to be avoided

Jennifer Cohen of Health.com offered tips to improve your workout while pointing at habits that should be avoided.  She mentioned… Read More.

Prewashing your dishes is no longer a requirement

Modern dishwashers allow for the possibility of saving water and time in terms of rinsing dishes beforehand.  Even the worst… Read More.

Ellen DeGeneres orders pizza during Awards show

Ellen DeGeneres ordered pizza for the audience at the Oscars by taking a poll and asking if anyone else would… Read More.