What Happened on 03 February 2014

Ukrainian president to end his sick leave

Ukraine's president is expected to return to office after taking a short sick leave.  Viktor Yanukovych's leave was announced on… Read More.

The Costa Concordia disaster kills diver

A diver working on the salvage operation for the Costa Concordia died after getting his leg stuck on an underwater… Read More.

Abortion rate at its lowest level since its legalization

The abortion rate has significantly dropped in the USA after the procedure become legal in 1973.  A new report by… Read More.

JC Penney may be drunk tweeting during the Super Bowl

It may appear that JC Penney was drunk tweeting during the Super Bowl but turns out the retailer was only… Read More.

Houston offers the best blue collar jobs

Forbes has published a list stating the best cities in the US in terms of highest-blue collar wages and Houston… Read More.

Strollers recalled after reported accidents

Britax is recalling about 216k strollers after being informed of a risk to amputate fingertips and several other injuries.  Reports… Read More.

Opera singer performs brilliantly at Super Bowl

An opera singer gave a gorgeous performance at MetLife Stadium this year and we certainly hope that it's not the… Read More.

Warren Sapp asks Michael Strahan for forgiveness

Warren Sapp commented on Giants legend Michael Strahan being part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and said his… Read More.

Facebook has changed us for better and worse

Facebook has been around for ten years and there's no doubt about the fact that it has hugely impacted our… Read More.

Facebook launches a new app called Paper

Facebook has introduced a new app called Paper, which "makes storytelling more beautiful with an immersive design and fullscreen, distraction-free… Read More.

JK Rowling admits that she screwed up Potter ending

JK Rowling recently apologized for making the mistake of marrying Ron and Hermione in her Harry Potter series.  "For reasons… Read More.

A&E crime show ruining lives

Police tries to crack plenty of murder cases on 'The First 48' and also pressurizes detectives to solve them quickly. … Read More.