What Happened on 02 March 2014

Sicilian Mafia sent a hitman to have Giuliani killed

The Sicilian mob disliked Rudy Giuliani so much that he sent a hit man to have him killed back in… Read More.

Knife attack in China kills 27

A terrible knife attack at a train station located in southwest China killed 30 people and injured more than 100. … Read More.

Why it's better to buy the bigger pizza

A pizza is a circle and it's area increases with the square of its radius. Hence buying bigger pizzas is… Read More.

CrossFit could explode your muscle cells

Experts have recently discovered that CrossFit workout could be harmful since it urges people to be hard and fast while… Read More.

Teen's action on Facebook costs her dad $80k

It's common to be embarrassed of your Facebook post but it's unusual to cost your father $80k after making the… Read More.

Mary-Kate Olsen gets engaged

Rumors regarding Mary-Kate Olsen's engagement have been floating around for a while but reports suggest that it has now been… Read More.