What Happened on 02 January 2014

Helicopter to rescue those stranded in Antarctica ship

Passengers on a research ship that got stranded in Antarctica ice are expected to be rescued by a helicopter. Reports… Read More.

Dubai welcomes New Year with 400K fireworks

Dubai is known to be over-the-top and the city's New Year's Eve celebrations were anything but disappointing: It displayed the… Read More.

Brewer sends Starbucks a check for $6

A small brewery in Missouri responded to a letter by Starbucks' attorney, which expressed concern over the name of one… Read More.

Memphis Grizzlies help make a boy's wishes come true

The Memphis Grizzlies made history by drafting an eight-year-old player over the weekend.  Charvis Brewer, who has cerebral palsy, signed… Read More.

Apps to help you stick to your resolutions

Many people love to make New Year resolutions but are usually bad at sticking to them. Time noted that there… Read More.

James Avery dies at 65

James Avery, who played Will Smith's Uncle Phil on "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" died from complications after undergoing an open… Read More.