What Happened on 02 February 2016

Two cases of Zika virus confirmed in Australia

Two cases of Zika virus have been confirmed in Australia. Media reports… Read More.

Heavy snow leaves 100,000 stranded at Guangzhou station in China

Thousands of people were stranded outside the Guangzhou station in China as heavy snow disrupted public transport… Read More.

Jordanians at a boiling point over migrants

King Abdullah of Jordan has said the people in the country are at a boiling point. This… Read More.

Unemployment rate in Germany falls to record low

The unemployment rate in Germany has unexpectedly fallen to a record low in January. Media reports say… Read More.

Alphabet surpasses Apple as the world's most valuable company

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has overtaken Apple as the most valuable company in the world after its latest earning reports.… Read More.