What Happened on 02 August 2015

UK and France call upon EU nations to address migrant crisis

Britain and France have called upon other EU nations to help in addressing the root causes of the migrant crisis… Read More.

New Taliban head Mullah Akhtar Mansour appeals for unity

Mullah Akhtar Mansour, the new leader of the Afghan Taliban, has appealed for unity among fighters and said the group… Read More.

US: Selma is starting point for civil rights march, again

American Civil rights activists have begun a 40-day march from Selma to draw attention to what they believe are fresh… Read More.

'Slave ships' being tracked near Papua New Guinea coast: reports

Reports say that a fleet of about 30 Thai fishing ships crewed by “slaves” is being tracked near the coast… Read More.

Burma: Heavy rains displace more than 150,000 people; dozens killed

About 30 people are feared dead in heavy rains in Burma in the past few weeks, according to conservative estimates.… Read More.

MtGox chief Mark Karpeles arrested in Japan

Police in Japan have arrested Mark Karpeles, the chief executive of MtGox, a company which was once… Read More.