What Happened on 01 December 2013

Guy switched at birth awarded $317K

An anonymous 60-year-old Japanese truck driver recently found out that he was accidentally switched at birth and the child raised… Read More.

Teen in Australia killed by shark

A teenager named Zach Young died after being attacked by a shark in Australia today. This was the second deadly… Read More.

Store discounts are actually a lie

You shouldn't feel bad if you were unable to go shopping on Black Friday. Wall Street Journal called all these… Read More.

Victoria Beckham opens up about her relationship

Victoria Beckham talked about her relationship with her husband Davis in Paris Vogue. "David and I… Read More.

New headphones are washer friendly

Just like your T-shirts, your headphones deserve to be washed after a few days of continuous use too. Hence Urbanears… Read More.

Several celebs have charity scandals

Kim Kardashian recently got her fans angry when they found out that only a small fraction of her "charity" actually… Read More.