Tony Blair's daughter held at gunpoint

  • Former British PM Tony Blair's daughter was recently held at gunpoint for a short period in central London. The incident is believed to be an attempted robbery and another such robbery in the Marylebone area had been reported to the cops about 30 minutes prior to this incident.  

    Scotland Yard mentioned that firearms were seen both the times but no shots were fired and nobody was robbed. 

    Reports suggest that Blair's daughter is fine. A spokesman said "Kathryn was with a group of friends. No one was hurt and nothing was stolen."

    The police believe there is a connection between the two incidents and are encouraging witnesses to come forward with information. 

    There is one suspect in the first robbery whose face was covered with a ski mask. He wore a balaclava and dark clothing. There are, however two suspects in the second robbery case and one of them has been described the same way as the man involved in the first one. 

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