Political offices bombed in Kohat and Peshawar

  • Bomb attacks carried out by the Taliban on campaign offices of election candidates on Sunday killed at least eight people dead and injured 23 injured in north-west Pakistan.

    The first attack took place in the city of Kohat while the second was in the suburbs of Peshawar.

    Dozens have been killed in recent days in bomb blasts ahead of the general election on May 11.

    The attacks come as the Taliban ramp up attacks against political parties they view as secular.

    Five people were killed and more than 10 injured in Kohat in the blast outside the office of Syed Noor Akbar, who is running as an independent candidate.

    Three people were killed and 13 wounded in Peshawar after a blast occurred at the office of another independent candidate, Nasir Khan Afridi, who has been standing for election in the Khyber tribal district.

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