Pakistan To Open NATO Supply Lines Following US Apology

  • Pakistan has promised to reopen critical supply lines to NATO forces in Afghanistan following an apology from the US for the killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers in November. The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, representing the Washington administration, apologized to the Pakistani military for the losses. This has ended the seven-month long standoff that started when US air strikes on the Afghan border killed the soldiers. With NATO preparing to withdraw troops from Afghanistan over the next two years, the supply route is deemed a very critical one. The Pakistani Taliban, however, has threatened to attack and disrupt any convoy plying through the route. US Officials have remained undeterred by the threats and have plans to move supplies across the Pakistan-Afghanistan border on Wednesday.

    The apology and the consequent reopening of supply lines are considered to be an effort to resolve the strained ties between Pakistan and the US and to bring stability to south Asia. This arrangement is also likely to save war costs for the US by millions of dollars.