Mali president attacked by protestors

  • Mali’s interim president, Dioncounda Traore, has been attacked and hospitalised after protestors stormed his palace demanding his resignation.

    Traore is said to have been unconscious on arrival but later left the hospital.

    Three people were shot dead by the army during mass demonstrations held by coup supporters against a deal that would enable Traore to remain in office for a year.

    Traore's initial mandate was due to expire on Monday.

    West African leaders reached the deal with coup leader Captain Amadou Sanogo, allowing Traore to stay on and organise elections in a bid to end a northern rebellion.

    Sanogo seized power on March 22 and led the country for nearly three weeks before handing power to Traore, the former speaker of parliament.

    The handover came in response to the rapid advance of Tuareg rebels and Islamist fighters who have seized an area the size of France in the north of the country.