Apple, Samsung trial kicks off in California

  • Jury selection began on Monday in a high-stakes patent battle between Apple and Samsung Electronics.

    The case has been dubbed as one of the biggest-ever technology patent trials.

    The tech giants are battling it out in a federal courtroom in San Jose, California as Samsung risks a potential U.S. sales ban of its Galaxy smartphones and tablet computers while Apple faces a crucial test of its global patent litigation strategy.

    Both sides are seeking financial damages from the other.

    According to industry analysts, the case has the potential to impact the fast-evolving market that both firms dominate.

    Together, Apple and Samsung make up more than half of global smartphone sales.

    However, Samsung has rapidly overtaken the iPhone and iPad creator to become the world’s biggest smartphone maker.

    Apple sued Samsung last year claiming its smartphones and tablets copied the design of its iPhone and iPad. The South Korean company retaliated by countersuing.

    Since then, the two firms have waged legal battle in courtrooms in nearly a dozen countries.