What Happened on 11 March 2015

Pakistani troops raid political party MQM's headquarters in Karachi

Pakistani troops have raided the headquarters of the MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement) in Karachi. Following the early… Read More.

'Nut rage' incident: Flight attendant sues former executive of Korean Air

A flight attendant is suing the airline Korean Air and a former executive over the infamous “nut rage” episode. Kim… Read More.

Myanmar student protest: Several arrested after police crackdown

Dozens of people have been arrested as police disrupted a student protest in Myanmar. The students were… Read More.

US: Resume firing squads for executions, says Utah lawmakers

Firing squads could be resumed to carry out executions in Utah if the governor of the… Read More.

New laws will turn Iranian women into 'baby-making machines': Amnesty

Amnesty International has slammed draft laws in Iran which aim to boost the country’s birth rate. The… Read More.

Colombia to halt bombing raids against Farc rebels for a month

In a further boost to the peace process, Colombian government has decided to cease bombing raids against the Farc rebel… Read More.

Used private email for 'convenience': Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has said that she used private emails for “convenience” when she was the US secretary… Read More.

Champions League: Real Madrid reach quarters despite losing to Schalke

Real Madrid scraped through 5-4 on aggregate score to qualify for the quarter-final of the Champions League, after losing the… Read More.

Uber to hire 1 million female drivers by 2020

The online taxi-hailing company, Uber has pledged to sign up a million female drivers around the world by 2020. Assaults… Read More.

US: Popular tech blog Gigaom runs out of money, shuts down

Gigaom, a popular technology blog with millions of readers around the world, has shut down as it can no longer… Read More.

British singer Sarah Brightman to perform song in space

British soprano Sarah Brightman is working with Andrew Lloyd Webber, her former husband, on a song which she hopes to… Read More.

Copyright breach: US jury awards $7.3 million in damages to singer's family

In a ruling that grapples with the tricky issue of the creative process, a US jury has… Read More.