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Airports in UK

The map shows the location of many airports like London Heathrow Airport, Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Belfast International Airport, Chester Hawarden Airport and many more in UK.

Airport Name Airport Code City

UK Airports Map

UK Airports Map

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Description : Map showing location of major airports in United Kingdom. Disclaimer

  List of Airports in UK  
Airport of EnglandLondon Luton Airport Luton International
Norwich International Airport Norwich International
London Heathrow AirportHillingdon International
Newcastle AirportWoolsington International
Liverpool John Lennon AirportLiverpool International
Blackpool International AirportSt Anne's on the Sea International
Manchester Airport Ringway International
Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield Finningley International
Cambridge Airport Cambridge Domestic
London Heliport Wandsworth Domestic
Farnborough Airport Farnborough Domestic
Lydd AirportAshfordDomestic
Kemble Airport KembleDomestic
Portland Heliport Portland Harbour Domestic
Bristol AirportBristolDomestic
Wolverhampton Airport Wolverhampton Domestic
Sheffield City Airport Sheffield Domestic
Crowfield AirporetIpswich Domestic
Northern IrelandBelfast International Airport Aldergrove International
City of Derry AirportEglinton International
Newtownards AirportNewtownards Domestic
Airports In ScotlandBenbecula AirportBenbecula International
Fair Isle Airport Fair Isle International
Edinburgh Airport Edinburgh International
Scatsta AirportLerwickDomestic
Cumbernauld Airport Cumbernauld Domestic
Perth Airport Scone Domestic
Dublin Airport DublinInternational
Airport In WalesChester Hawarden AirportChester International
Anglesey AirportLlanfair-yn-NeubwllInternational
Cardiff Airport Rhoose International
Welshpool Airport Welshpool Domestic
Caernarfon Airport Caernarfon Domestic
Aberporth Airport Aberporth Domestic