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Iowa County Map

by Vishul Malik

About the Iowa Counties The state of Iowa is home to 99 counties. The state introduced its first counties (Dubuque County and Des Moines County) in the year 1834. At this…

Iowa County Map

About the Iowa Counties

The state of Iowa is home to 99 counties. The state introduced its first counties (Dubuque County and Des Moines County) in the year 1834. At this point of time, Iowa was not separated from the Michigan Territory. However, in 1836 a portion of the Michigan Territory got converted into Wisconsin Territory in the year 1836. And, after two years, the western area was divided to form the Iowa territory. On 28 December 1846, the south eastern region of the Iowa Territory was converted to Iowa as the 29th state of the union. By 1857, the state had all its forty four counties intact, the last being the Humboldt County. However, forty nine counties of this state were formed on 15 January 1851.

As per the Iowa Constitution, which was introduced in 1857, the counties should have a minimum area of 432 square miles. Moreover, it also states that no county can be reduced below the mentioned area. But then, with time, exceptions to the mentioned rule was permitted because ten of the remaining counties had smaller area than the specified. The largest county of this state is Kossuth County with an approximate area of 973 square miles while Dickinson County being the smallest of all that records an approximate area of 381 square miles.

Some of the prominent counties of Iowa are :

Kossuth County : Located in the state of Iowa, this county holds an approximate population of 15,543 as per the 2010 census records. Its county seat is Algona. The county was formed on 15 January 1851 and named after Hungary’s Regent President, Lajos Kossuth. The adjacent counties, include Martin County (Minnesota), Faribault County (Minnesota), Emmet County, Palo Alto County, Humboldt County, Hancock County, and Winnebago County.

The county carves a niche for its rich heritage and remarkable fine arts. Some of the must visit destinations, include the Sherman Township Country Schoolhouse and the Lone Rock Railroad Depot Museum, Jailhouse & Caboose in LuVerne, Bancroft’s Memorial Park, Ambrose A. Call State Park, and Union Slough National Wildlife Refuge.

If one is eyeing on school life education or higher education, Kossuth County ensures to help with a wide array of learning opportunities. The major colleges and universities in Iowa are Iowa Lakes Community College, Briar Cliff University, and Buena Vista University.

Humboldt County : Located in the state of Iowa, the Humboldt County recorded an approximate population of 9,815 as per the census records of 2010. It was formed in 1857 and has the Dakota City as its county seat. The county got its name after Alexander von Humboldt. It was introduced as the smallest county in the year 1851; however the county lines were re-established on 1 July 1855 wherein some land from Webster County and Kossuth County were added. The old borders were newly established on 26 February 1857; at this point of time the Webster County refused to return the land, as a result of which the Humboldt County was left with twelve townships.

On the tour to this county, one must visit the Corydon Brown House.

Dickinson County : The smallest of all counties, Dickinson was named after Daniel S. Dickinson, a New York based senator and lawyer. It was established in 1857 whose county seat is Spirit Lake. The first courthouse of this county was established in Spirit Lake in the year 1868. But then, the building got destroyed in 1872 because of a fire-breakout.

The major attractions in this county are Abbie Gardner Sharp Cabin, Spirit Lake, Iowa Great Lakes, and Higgins Museum of National Bank Notes.

The campus of Iowa Lakes Community College in Spirit Lake offers a range of academic programs including science, technology, and more.

Dubuque County : Located in the state of Iowa, the county got its name from Iowa’s first European settler, Julien Dubuque. It was formed in 1834 having Dubuque as its county seat. It holds the seventh position in terms of population among the other counties of Iowa. The adjacent counties include Clayton County, Grant County (Wisconsin), Jo Daviess County, Jackson County, Jones County, and Delaware County.

On a trip to this county, some of the must see destinations are: Saint Boniface Church (New Vienna, Iowa), Basilica of St. Francis Xavier, National Farm Toy Museum, Grand Harbor Resort and Waterpark, Linwood Cemetery (Dubuque), to name a few.

Education sector of Dubuque County is fast developing and some of its best universities and colleges, include Clarke University, University of Dubuque, Loras College, Divine Word College, etc.

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