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Where is Bermuda

Where is Bermuda Bermuda Map Bermuda Map
Description : Map showing the location of Bermuda on the World map. Disclaimer

For all those travel enthusiasts out there planning a memorable vacation in the Bermuda Islands, your first task is to know exactly, where Bermuda is (also referred as Bermuda Islands). Locating Bermuda is not a very difficult job. Western part of central North Atlantic can be stated as the approximate location of Bermuda.
Where is Bermuda: A MYTH ?
Bermuda Islands are often grouped along the Caribbean Islands.

Where is Bermuda: The Fact ?
Bermuda Islands, although in the Atlantic Ocean is well distanced from the Bahamas. With hundreds of miles intervening, it lies north of the Bahamas.

Where is Bermuda: Some more facts ?
Bermuda lies off the eastern cost of North America.

  • Classified among the reef building corals in the western Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda Islands can be said to be the most northerly positioned one.

  • Location of Bermuda is 1046 KM east of North Carolina. The entire island consists of an area of 53 sq KM.

  • Latitudinally, Bermuda lies 32° 20' N of the equator and longitudinally it lies 64° 45' West of Greenwich.

  • A self governing territory under Britain, it falls in the Atlantic Time Zone.

Location Map of Bermuda before March 4, 2016

  Facts About Bermuda  
Country Name Bermuda
ContinentAmericas, North America
Capital Hamilton
Area53.2 km2 ( 20.6 sq mi ) Water (%) 27
Population64,237 (2010 census)
Lat Long32.321353, -64.732407
Official LanguageEnglish
Calling Code+1-441
Time ZoneAST (UTC-4) Summer (DST) ADT (UTC-3)
Airport1-International Airports
Neighbour State 
CurrencyBermudian dollarc (BMD)

  Location Maps of Cities in Bermuda  

Last Updated Date: September 21,2020

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