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Bermuda Day

Bermuda Day is a public holiday in the archipelago of Bermuda. It is observed to commemorate the birthday of Queen Victoria. Similar to other specific public holidays, Bermuda Day is forever observed on May 24 every year, or the weekday closest to May 24 in case that date is on the weekend.
The day was initially known as Victoria Day, Commonwealth Day, Empire Day, and Heritage Day.

Bermuda Day is conventionally the first day that the local people swim in the sea. Historically, it is also the first day on which people wear Bermuda shorts as corporate outfit. However, over the last few years, Bermuda shorts are growingly put on during any occasion of the year. A number of residents also view Bermuda Day as the first day on which they can visit the sea once the winter ends-as a result, there is a constant hurry to bring one's yacht 'on the seawaters' only before May 24 arrives.

Bermuda Day Celebrations
To observe this public holiday, a march past is held in Hamilton. A road race is also organized from the western corner of the island into Hamilton. These occasions are quite famous as viewer attractions, and thousands line up on the thoroughfares of Hamilton to see the vibrant parade. Many Bermudians also book their places (certain parts of the streets) overnight to allow them to see the marchers and the floats.

The parade normally begins at 1:30 pm from Albuoy's Point and travels across Front Street, prior to leading to Bernard Park in Pembroke parish for concluding services.

Techniques of demarcating your family's part can include cordoning off (opposed since people have been injured bumping into such cordons overnight), demarcating with ribbon with your name on it, or staying there overnight.

The famous procession comprises a varied blend of conventional Bermuda pipe and drum bands, floats, Gombey dancers, singers, majorettes, and spokespersons of different regional associations.

It also comprises the Marathon Derby, which is actually a half marathon. It starts from Somerset and ends at Hamilton. The distance covered is 13 miles by streets, hills, and valleys.

Other events include the Inline Skaters, Sinclair Packwood Memorial Cycle Race, and other sporting events and a march past with floats at around 2 pm, which starts from Bernard's Park in Pembroke Parish, through the Hamilton City, and returns to the park. There is constantly a set topic for every year.

Restaurant stalls come up with delicious, hot and cold choices of special Bermudian cuisines. The parade started in 1909, from St. George town to Somerset. This day is also the day when Bermuda Fitted Dinghy Racing commences its annual season.

It is normally the day of the yearly Bermuda Heritage Day Parade. It started in Britain in 1902 as the festival of the Queen Empress Victoria's birthday. The Earl of Meath launched it as the day on which the youth would be educated about their residency of British Kingdom. He conceptualized the plan from a tabloid cutting in Hamilton, Ontario, which reported a nationalistic procession for kids arranged by Mrs. Reginald Fessenden. Lord Meath was triumphant in Britain in beginning what was named as Empire Day on May 24.

Subsequently, it turned into Commonwealth Day. However in Bermuda, what was named Bermuda Day substituted it. It was the time when the country was going through severe civil wars in the 70s. Lord Pitt, a black affiliate of the Greater London Council who was assigned to make suggestions after the uprisings, advised it as a method to get Bermudians of various communities collectively in peace.

The Bermuda Day Parade is sponsored by the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs in Hamilton.

Last Updated Date: February 8th, 2018

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