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Bermuda Demographics

The demographics of Bermuda tell us about the literacy and population of the Bermuda Islands. Bermuda is basically a cluster of around 150 Islands placed in the North Atlantic Ocean off the Carolina Coast. Bermuda Demography reveals that most of the Islands in the Bermudian territory are deserted and blessed with endless natural treasure. Being the oldest of all the self-governing British Colonies, the Bermuda Islands boats a typical multilingual culture. Bermudian population inherits its multiethnic trait from its glorious past.

Features of Demographics of Bermuda
The total population of the Bermuda Islands has turned out to be around 66,163 in the year 2007. Bermuda population consists of a heterogeneous mix of black and white people. Approximately 55 to 60 percent of the Bermudian population comes under the black category. White people make up around 34 percent of the population of the Islands of Bermuda. The rest of the population is multiracial by nature. Spanish-Caribbean, American and African immigrants comprise a substantial section of Bermuda population.

Over the passage of time, the Bermuda Islands has become one of the most rapidly expanding economies in the world. From Bermuda Demography, you can have an idea about the literacy rate of the Bermuda Islands. With an attempt to improve the literacy rate and extend the reach of primary education among the common mass, the Bermudian Government has made arrangements for free and compulsory primary education for all children coming under the age group of 5 to 16.

Population of Bermuda
Overview of the Population of Bermuda
Population of Bermuda tells us about the natives of the Bermuda Islands. Bermuda Population consists of a heterogeneous mix of black and white people. There are around 150 small Islands that come under the domain of the Bermudian Territory. Most of the Islands in Bermuda are uninhabited. The economic activities take place mostly within six Islands. Natives and foreign invaders occupy around 20 Bermudian Islands.

Features of Population of Bermuda
In the year 2007, the total population of the Bermuda Islands has turned to be around 66, 163. Being the oldest surviving British colony, Bermuda Population features a multiethnic trait. Approximately 55 to 60 percent of Bermuda Population falls under the black category. Bermudian natives comprise nearly 66 percent of total Bermuda Population. The rest of the population in the Bermuda Islands is multiracial by nature. Among the foreign invaders residing in the Bermuda Islands, West Indian, Portuguese and American immigrants are worth mentioning.

British people make up around 16 percent of Bermudian Population. While the share of West Indian people in the total population of the Bermuda Islands is about 15 percent. American and Portuguese contribute around 7 percent and 9 percent of Bermuda population respectively.