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Bermuda Education

Overview of Bermuda Education System Bermuda Education system covers all aspects of primary and higher education and the functions of Bermuda Ministry of Education. Over the last few decades there has been a significant improvement in the education system of the Islands of Bermuda. The Bermuda Ministry of Education and Development has played a major role in extending the domain of primary and secondary education among the common people of the Bermudian Territory.

Features of Public Education System in Bermuda
All public schools in Bermuda offer good-quality education at an affordable rate. The Government schoolteachers in the Bermuda Islands are well qualified and take care of their students. The syllabuses of the Government schools in Bermuda are designed to ensure all round development of their students. The public system of Bermuda Education includes a number of preschools, primary schools and middle schools. The Senior Schools are meant for those who are interested to pursue higher study.

Major Government Preschools are:
  • St. George's Preschool, 1 Military Road, St. George's GE 03
  • St. David's Preschool, 39 Battery Road, St. David's DD 02
  • Lyceum Preschool, 15 Wilkinson Avenue, Bailey's Bay, Hamilton Parish CR 04
  • St. Mark's Parish Preschool, St. Mark's Church Hall, South Road, Smith's FL 06
  • Devonshire Preschool, 4 Corkscrew Hill, Devonshire HM 19
  • Prospect Preschool, 6 Friendship Lane, Devonshire DV 02
  • St. John's Preschool, St. John's Church Hall, 1 Marsh Folly Road, Pembroke HM 13
  • St. Paul's Preschool, St. Paul's Christian Education Centre, 69 Middle Road, Paget PG 05
  • Warwick Preschool, 68 Middle Road, Warwick WK 03
  • Southampton Preschool, 5 Middle Road, SB 02
  • Somerset Preschool, 66 Scotts Hill Road, Sandys MA 03
  • Lagoon Park Preschool, 18 Craddock Road, Ireland Island, Sandys MA 01

Major Government Primary Schools are: Eastern Zone
  • East End Primary, 6 Grenadier Lane, St. George's GE 03
  • St. George's Preparatory, 26 Church Folly Lane, St. George's GE 05
  • St. David's Primary, 2 Cashew City Road, DD 02
  • Francis Patton Primary, 191 North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish CR 03
  • Harrington Sound Primary, 44 Harrington Sound Road, Smith's Parish FL 08
  • Elliott Primary, 12 Hermitage Road, Devonshire DV 02

Central Zone
  • Prospect Primary, 6 Friendship Lane, Devonshire DV 02
  • Victor Scott Primary, 4 Glebe Road, Pembroke HM 15
  • Northlands Primary, 9 Berkeley Road, Pembroke HM 13
  • West Pembroke Primary, 34 North Shore Road, Pembroke HM 04

Western Zone
  • Gilbert Institute, 43 St. Michael's Lane, Paget PG 04
  • Paget Primary, 20 Ord Road, Paget PG 04
  • Purvis Primary, 44 St. Mary's Road, Warwick WK 06
  • Heron Bay Primary, 184 Middle Road, Southampton SN 01
  • Port Royal Primary, 6 Church Road, Southampton SN 01
  • Southampton Glebe Primary, 7 Middle Road, Southampton SB 02
  • West End Primary, 43 Scott's Hill Road, Sandys MA 04
  • Somerset Primary, 11 Gilbert Lane, Sandys MA 03

Major Government Middle Schools are:
  • Clearwater Middle School, St. David's Island (from East End Primary, St. George's Preparatory, St. David's Primary, Francis Patton Primary)
  • Whitney Institute Middle School, Middle Road, Smith's Parish (from Harrington Sound Primary, Elliott Primary, Prospect Primary)
  • Dellwood Middle School (from Northlands Primary, Victor Scott Primary, West Pembroke Primary)
  • Sandys Secondary Middle School (from Port Royal Primary, Southampton Glebe Primary, West End Primary, Somerset Primary)
  • T. N. Tatem Middle School (formerly Spice Valley Middle School), from Gilbert Institute Primary, Paget Primary, Purvis Primary, Heron Bay Primary.

Major Government Senior Schools
  • Cedarbridge Academy, 1 Cedarbridge Lane, Devonshire DV 02
  • The Berkeley Institute, 23 Berkeley Road, Pembroke HM 09, or P. O. Box 2704, Hamilton HM KX. Founded 1897. 4-year mixed-ability.

Special-Needs Government School in Bermuda:
  • Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy, 10 Military Road, Devonshire
Features of Private Education System in Bermuda
Bermuda Education system also includes several private institutions. All private schools in Bermuda are self-governing. The educational costs in the private schools are much higher than that of the Government schools in the Bermuda Islands. The quality of education in the private schools of Bermuda is at par with world-class standards.

The Bermudian Ministry of Education and Development also makes arrangements for adult education.

With its extensive coverage and wide variety of options, the education system in Bermuda offers all-round support to the students.

Major Private Schools in Bermuda are:
  • Academy at Woodlands
  • Bermuda High School for Girls (BHS)
  • Bermuda Institute
  • Mount Saint Agnes Academy
  • Saltus Grammar School
  • Somersfield Academy
  • Warwick Academy

Bermuda College
Bermuda College is the main college in Bermuda. Bermuda College is a top-notch community college placed in Paget Parish of the Bermuda Islands. Bermuda College is well known for its world-class academic divisions and excellent faculties. Founded in the year 1974, Bermuda College continues to be the only institute that offers post-secondary educational courses in the Islands of Bermuda. The course structure of Bermuda College is extensive and includes a number of certificate, diploma and associate degree courses. Business, applied sciences, technology, liberal arts and hospitality are the major academic divisions in Bermuda College.

Origin of Bermuda College
Bermuda College was set up under the initiative of the Parliament of Bermuda. Bermuda College Act played a crucial role in proper management and operation of this internationally famous community college in the Bermuda Islands. Merger of three other institutes called the Bermuda Technical Institute, the Bermuda Hotel and Catering College and the Academic Sixth Form Centre, resulted in the formation of Bermuda College.

Bermuda College Departments
Bermuda College comes with several departments to offer all round support to the students and staffs. Human resources, instructional development, IT help desk, planning and accreditation, student services, academic resource center, library and bookstore are some of the functional departments of Bermuda College.

With its diverse range of vocational and regular courses, Bermuda College has emerged as one of the most coveted educational institutions in the North Atlantic region.

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