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Bermuda Restaurants

by Vishal Kumar

Bermuda Restaurants list to choose where to eat in Bermuda, a featured list of the best restaurants in Bermuda.

You just cannot ignore the mouthwatering food of the restaurants in Bermuda so whenever you come to Bermuda visit some of its best restaurants and taste the variety of cuisines prepared by its world-renowned chefs. Bermuda is a wonderful tourist destination and the restaurants in Bermuda have played a major role in attracting tourists.

Some of the renowned restaurants in Bermuda

  • Aggie’s Garden & Waterside Cafe: This Bermuda restaurant is located beside the sea and is surrounded by gardens. Cooking classes are taken at night in the open house kitchen. The sitting arrangement is very beautiful and comfortable too. Mostly business people come to have lunch. The restaurant
  • serves soups, sandwiches, and a variety of salads. A variety of grilled fish and chicken dishes are served with sauces. Pizzas are served with organic toppings. Sweets such as ginger and oatmeal nut cookies are famous in this restaurant. Fresh fruit tarts with cookies are just yummy.
  • Aqua Restaurant: This Bermuda restaurant is very romantic. The beaches of the Atlantic Ocean look beautiful. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with white tablecloths. Blue glassware utensils are used. The wooden beams enhance the beauty of the restaurants. Sugar-cured beef carpaccio on roasted peppers is the main dish of the restaurant. Panfried scallops and arugula are the main seafood dishes. Lamb tandoori is served with citrus yogurt. You must also taste the soba noodles in pickled ginger sauce.
  • The Pickled Onion
  • House of India
  • Lobster Pot Bermuda
  • Bolero Brasserie
  • Hog Penny
  • Portofino Bermuda
  • Harbourfront Bermuda
  • Waterloo House
  • Barracuda Grill
  • Bistro J
  • Ascots
  • Gregs Steakhouse
  • Black Horse Tavern
  • White Horse Pub and Restaurant
  • Polaris at Carriage House
  • Frog & Onion Pub and Restaurant
  • Freeport Seafood Restaurant & Bar
  • Somerset Country Squire Pub & Restaurant
  • Swizzle Inn
  • Tom Moores Tavern Bermuda
  • Lighthouse Tea Room
  • The Dining Room
  • Coconuts
  • Newport Room Bermuda
  • Ocean Club
  • Waterlot Inn
  • Lido
  • Blu Bar & Grill Bermuda

Apart from the above restaurants, some local dishes are served by the local restaurants. Shark hash which is a dish made of minced shark is served in restaurants. Cod fish cakes are served in cafes and restaurants.

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