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Polish Flag

The Poland flag was formally acquired on 1st August, in the year of 1919. This flag is tinged with two equal horizontal segments of Red and White.

Poland Flag

Flag of Poland

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The Red band of color is depicted on the top of the white one. The corporation of the National flag of Poland is traced as 5:8.The red and white color has an ancient association with Polish History.

The color of white stands for peace and morality while the color of red stands for endurance, gallantry, vigor and bravery. Other than the earlier connection with country of Poland the colors of Red and white are connected with its widely known "coat of arms".

Official Name: Rzeczpos polita polska

Capital: Warsaw

Location: On the Baltic Sea Poland Shares land frontiers with Germany in the west the former Czechoslovakia in the south and the former USSR in the east.

Area: 312, 685 Sq. km.

Official Language: Polish

Flag Ratio: 3:8

National Anthem: Mazurek Dabrowskiego Dabrowski Mazurka (1927)

Fact about Poland flag

Designed byNA
Adopted1. August 1919
Design and ColorsA horizontal bicolour of white and red
Size Ratio5:8

Last Updated on : January 30, 2016

Target5.5 Million

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