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Katowice is a Silesian city located on the southern parts of Poland, overlooking Rivers Rawa and Klodnica. Ever since 1999, the city had played vital role in local administration, as the capital of Katowice Voivodeship.

Silesian people originally inhabited Katowice mainland as the native tribal groups. Here, the first imperial rule started with the dynasty of Polish Silesian Piasts. Presently, the city is resided by people from all nationalities like Polish, Jews and the Germans. Together with extensive foreign invasions and political upheavals and unrests, Katowice was ultimately declared as a Republic with autonomous powers, at a much later stage.

Katowice is located at considerable elevation on Katowice Mountains, with a number of rivers draining the mainland areas with numerous tributaries and distributaries. The soil is thus made rich and ideal for agricultural activities, through extensive deposition of fertile alluvial soils.

Katowice in Poland experiences continental humid climatic conditions with average temperature at 17 degrees Celsius. The annual average rainfall is 750 mm approximately, occurring mostly in the month of July. In fact, rainfall is uniformly distributed in all the districts of Katowice.

The diverse and enriched cultural background of Katowice on Polish Mainland is vividly reflected not only through the presence of art museums, music centers, cinema halls and other forms of architectures, but is also evident from activities like film shows, painting exhibitions, theaters and musical performances. All these contribute adequately in attracting numerous foreign visitors in Katowice, to support the development of travel and tourism activities in the nation. In fact, the promotion of extensive tourist activities on the land offers support to national economy to considerable extents.

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