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Wielun is a county on Polish mainland, well known for its rich cultural activities and eventful past. It is also an important town in central part of Poland, and an integral part of Lodz Voivodeship since 1999.
Positioned on 51°13'N latitude and 18°34'E longitude, Wielun County was under the administration of Sieradz Voivodeship from 1975-1998.

In the past, Wielun underwent several man-made calamities like bombing, battles and political upheavals. It was on the first day in the month of September in 1939 that the town was shattered and severely destroyed by the German Luftwaffe. This is a highly significant incident as far as international politics is concerned, as it triggered off the Second World War. In this war, huge chunks of Wielun town area including architectures (Gothic Church), residential buildings, historical monuments and hospitals were in complete state of devastation. Besides, as many as 1,200 war casualties were evident, comprising mostly civilians who had just no business with respect to the war.

The national flag and the shield form an integral part of Wielun's identity. The main urban area covers a total land space of 16,9 km2, inhabited by as many as 24,453 people. In a county, where the density of population comes to 1,446,9 persons/km2, it cant be said that it is moderately populated.

Four distinct seasons exist in Wielun on Polish Mainland; namely the summer, monsoon, autumn and spring. The picturesque sceneries and beautiful landscapes in Wielun form yet another important factor for the growth and development of extensive travel and tourism on the land.

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