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Chorzow happens to be a city in southern Poland with around 113,856 by way of population and an area of 33.5 km2.

Chorzow is situated on the Rawa River on the Silesian Highland. Chorzow is an urban county since 1898.
The present city of Chorzow was founded in 1934-1939 by merging the cities of Chorzow, Nowe Hajduki,Krolewska Huta, and Hajduki Wielkie into one municipality. The name of the ancient settlement Chorzow was given to the fused city.

Chorzow became a part of Upper Silesian Metropolitan Union in 2007, thus forming the largest city in Poland. The scope for higher education is extremely high in Chorzow. The Universities are University of Silesia, Higher Bank School of Poznan, Upper-Silesian Higher Business School, Upper-Silesian Teachers College, Silesian Higher School of Information Technology and many more high schools that are technically advanced.

The Upper Silesian Industrial Area, comprises of 3 coal mines, factory of steel constructions, a thermal power plant, 2 steel mills, tramway and railway manufacturing, nitrogen and chemical works and other industrial establishments. With passing years, new industrial development will take place at the outskirts of Chorzow.

The major companies of Chorzow are:
  • Alstom - Steel constructions
  • Zadlady Chemiczne Hajduki SA(Hajduki Chemical factory)
  • Zaklady Azotowe SA ( Nitrogen Chemical factory)
  • KWK Polska Wirek, rejon Prezydent (main Coal Mine )
  • Messer (industrial gases )
  • Reporter (garments firm)
  • Huta Batory (Bathory Steel Works )
  • ProLogis (logistic firm )
  • Huta Kosciuszko SA ( Steel Works )
The Silesian Central Park occupies about 30% of the city area. It comprises of a Zoological Garden, Silesian Planetary and Astronomical Observatory, Silesian Stadium, amusement grounds, Ethnographic Park, a swimming-pool complex and a large rose-exhibition garden. Soccer, Volley ball, baseball and Football are the favorite sports of Chorzow.

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