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Bodies of Water in Poland

by Vishal Kumar

Bodies of Water in Poland show that it has the highest number of Rivers and Lakes in the world. They are concentrated in the Pomeranian Lake and Lakelands of the Masurian district.

There are a number of Poland Lakes and Rivers. The number of Poland Lakes and Rivers is one of the highest in the world.

The Poland Lakes and Rivers are shattered all over the country but the lakes or the closed water bodies are mainly concentrated in the Lakelands of Masurian and Pomeranian Lake District.

There are almost 10,000 Lakes in Poland and they cover an area of 2.5 acres each. The largest lakes in Poland are Lake Sniardwy, Lake Mamry in Masuria, Lake Lebsko, and Lake Drawsko in Pomerania. Poland is also gifted with a large number of mountain Lakes and Morskie Oko is the most dominant in the area. Lake Hancza has the greatest depth of all the Lakes in Poland and is located in the Wigry Lake District. Lakes in Poland are an integral part of their history and culture. It was on the Island of Lakes the Polish ancestors built their first fortress.

There are a number of Rivers in Poland most of which drain into the Baltic Sea. These Rivers in Poland have been used for navigation from the earliest times. The Vistula is the largest river in Poland and also has a number of tributaries. There are also some smaller rivers in Poland that flow into the bigger rivers. The most important Rivers in Poland include:

  • Bug
  • Narew
  • San
  • Notec
  • Pilica
  • Drawa
  • Nysa Klodzka
  • Poprad
  • Pasleka
  • Rega
  • Bzura
  • Wisloka
  • Obra
  • Biebrza
  • Nida
  • Vistula
  • Oder
  • Warta
  • Nysa Luzycka
  • Wkra
  • Dunajec
  • Brda
  • Prosna
  • Wieprz
  • Bóbr
  • Lyna
  • Drweca
  • Wislo

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