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Population of Poland

The Population of Poland as estimated in 2007 is 38,518,241 and the rate of growth of Population in the country is -0.05%. The Population of Poland, unlike many countries of the world, is descending every year.

2002 38,625,478
2003 38,622,660
2004 38,626,349
2005 38,635,144
2006 38,536,869
2007 38,518,241

The major portion of the Population of Poland are Polish in origin but there are also people who belong to other ethnic backgrounds and Nationalities. The Belarusians mainly inhabit the South and Eastern part of Bialystok and the Lithuanians live in close concentration in the Northeastern part of Poland and in the Punsk Commune territory. The Jews once almost constituted the majority of the Population of Poland but after the Second World War the situation was altered drastically.

In the present times, most of the Jews population in Poland live in Warsaw, Wroclaw and Krakow. There is also a considerable section of Germans living in Poland. Pomerania, Silesia, Opole, Katowice , CzestochowaEast Prussia and Lubusz Land are the main areas were the German people live. A small percentage of Polish Lipka Tatars also form a part of the Population of Poland. Ukrainians and Lemkos also form an integral part of the Population of Poland and are scattered in the eastern and northern districts of Poland.

There are also some other Nationalities thatwho live in Poland and are an integral part of the Population of Poland, they includes:
  • Russian
  • Lithuanian
  • Kashubian
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Bulgarian
  • Israeli Jews
  • Armenian
  • Czech
  • English
  • Karaite
  • Silesian
  • Roma

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