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Bytom is a city in Poland. It lies in the southern most part of Poland. According to the census report of 1999, Bytom had an estimated population of about 2,05,560. From the year 1999, Bytom has been in Silesian Province.
While from the year 1975 to 1998 Bytom was in Katowice province. Bytom isreferred to as an industrial belt of south western part of Poland.

Bytom is Upper Silesia's oldest city. In 1136, Bytom was known as Bitom. In the year 1450,Bytom was known as Beuthen.'Beuthen' is a German word. In the year 1254, Bytom got the rights of a city. The Mongols raided the city in 1259. From the year 1526 to 1742, Bytom was under Hapsburgs. King Boleslaw I established Bytom in the 11th century. In 1742, Bytom went to Prussia under the leadership of Fredrick.

Bytom has abundant mineral resources. In the middle of the 18th century, Silesia became one of the most important industrialized area. Some of the mineral resources that were manufactured and mined are coal, zinc, iron, lead. Bytom has experienced considerable increase in population since the industrial revolution. This has resulted in the cultural and social differences amongst the Polish,Czech German dwellers.

During 12th century, the silver and lead mines found in this region formed the base of the economy. The nearest airports from Bytom are Poznan, Berlin, Zielona Gora Babimost. The closest towns and villages includes Zielona Gora, Sulechow, Glogow, Krosno, Nowa Sol, Lubsko, Zagan. The biggest silver factory is situated in Bytom. A museum and an opera theater is situated in the city.

Bytom is regarded as an industrial area.

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