by Vishal Kumar

Torun is a name of a city in the northern part of Poland. Torun is a beautiful city situated along both the banks of the river Vistula.

Torun is the largest city in the Kujawy – Pomerania province of Poland. Torun is also enrolled by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Torun is also the place of birth of the great astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus. It is a beautiful city in Poland. Torun has situated along both the banks of river Vistula. The Gothic architectural constructions have enchanted every traveler coming here across the globe. The medieval edifices of the city’s Old town have already gained identification as a World Heritage Site in the year 1997 by UNESCO.

Torun is a city of historical importance. Some of the medieval churches of Torun are as follows:

  • St. Jacob’s Church which consists of significant paintings on walls
  • St. Mary’s Church
  • Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and St. John, the Evangelist, Torun

The other major attractions of Torun are as follows:

  • Old Town Hall of 1274
  • Leaning Tower
  • Medieval house of 15th century where Copernicus is hoped to have born there. It is a museum now
  • The 13th century Teutonic Knights castle ruins.
  • The House under the Star

Hotels in Torun are as follows:

  • Orange Hotel, city center,19 Prosta Street
  • Heban Hotel, city center, 7 Male Garbary Street
  • Retman Hotel,city center, 15 Rabianska Street
  • Dalia Guest House,outer Torun, 13 Lubelska Street
  • Filmar Hotel, old town, 37/45 Grudziadzka Street

Explore the beauty of Torun, one of the most beautiful historical sites in the world.

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