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Radom is one of the most popular cities of Poland. The Radom city is located at the central part of the country of Poland. The population of Radom city in Poland is 227,309 according to
the latest Census in the country. The major river that flows through the city of Radom is known by the name of Mlecznab beside which the city of Radom is situated. The city of Radom was established during the 1340s after the partition that took place in Poland. The city of Radom in Poland is one of the most important industrial regions of the country. The place deals with the export of various goods produced in the region. The industries in Radom received a major boost up during the industrial revolution in the 19th century. Several factories and industries were built in the region. The development of the industries and th work culture of the region led to the increase in the population of the city.

The major industries in Radom are the leather industries, the glass industries and the chemical industries. These industries in Radom contribute a lot to the economy of Radom. The factories in the city has also led to the increase in the labor force of the region.

The Radom city is famous all over the country for the Air Show that takes place in the region. It is considered to be the biggest air shows held in the country of Poland. The carnival is held in Radom in the last weekend of the month of August. People from every corner of the world and Europe come to this show to be the part of it.

The transportation system of the city of Radom comprises the large networks of railways and roadways in the region that keep the city well connected to every corner of the region and the country.

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