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Opole is one of the important cities in Poland. The city of Opole is located at the southern part of the country.The city of Opole is also known by the name of Oppeln in German.
The population of the city of Opole is around 129,553 people according to the latest Census. The major river that flows through the region is known by the name of Oder river. The Opole city of Poland is situated beside the river Oder. The Opole city is the capital of the province of Opole Voivodeship in Poland. The city of Opole was occupied by the Germans many years back. It is said that the first inhabitants of the Opole city settled on the island known by the name of Wyspa Pasieka located at the center of the river Odra.

The city of Opole was very popular with the German merchants as the river Odra situated in the region gave free access to the other parts of the country. The German merchants created their colony in the Opole city and started to live there. The city was taken into the territory of Germany during the unification of the country. The city of Opole is one of the historical cities of the country. The building and the monuments situated in the Opole city have in them the essence of the tradition and the culture of the place. The Opole city is also well known for the music conferences of Polish songs held here in different parts of Opole. The Opole city in Poland is immensely popular with the tourists for the tourist spots in the city.

The transportation system in Opole consists of the roadways and railways in the city that connect the city of Opole to the various parts of the city and the country.

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