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As the capital of Lower Silesian region in southwestern Poland, Wroclaw is located amidst natural beauty on the shores of River Oder. Apart from being a principal city and the administrative center of Lower Silesian
Voivodeship from 1999, Wroclaw also has a separate identity as an important Polish county and the second largest financial center on Polish mainland.

Breslau and its surrounding rural areas were the original place where the Polish city of Wroclaw was founded centuries ago. At that time, it was a part of Greater Moravia in Bohemia. Wroclaw first came into limelight in 10th century by the name of "Vratislavia". The native settlements in the city were uprooted and destroyed by the kingdom established by the son and successor of King Mieszko I, Piast Duke Boleslaw I. Following a number of other foreign invasions, the political stability and economic development of Wroclaw began from 13th century onwards, continuing till date.

Wroclaw is known particularly for its high standards of education, right from the elementary to the university levels. The quality of knowledge imparted to the students through a bunch of learned teachers and instructors is excellent. In fact, the best of knowledge these students derive from the lower stages help them to prepare themselves for higher studies in Wroclaw University and its different branches.

Wroclaw in Poland is a place for extensive sightseeing. Hence travel and tourism activities are highly developed in this region, People from far and wide on national and international levels visit the land owing to diverse places of interests like the 'Hala Ludowa', 'Plac Grunwaldzki', 'Wroclaw Palace' and 'St. Elisabeth's Church' which reflect the traditional architecture of the city and the artistic potentials of its creators. A perfect holiday in Wroclaw can be enjoyed in the surrounding picturesque sceneries, making the city as one of the primary travel destinations for vacationers across the globe.

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