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Zabrze is located within the latitude of 50°18'N and a longitude of 18°47'E within the territory of Voivodeship Silesian (since 1999) in Poland .

Established in13th century, Zabrze has a total area of 80.47 km2 (31.1 sq mi). Density of population is 2,363/km2 (6,120.1/sq mi).Zabrze is a city in southern Poland with 194,041 inhabitants as estimated in 2004.Zabrze became a vital site for mining in the German Empire ever since its foundation in 1871. The settlement received its city declaration only in 1922.

Zabrze was officially named Hindenburg in 1915.The new name was used from 1945. Because of the heavy levels of pollution caused by the mining industry, the triangular patch of land between Zabrze, Chorzow, and Bytom has colloquially become famous as the 'death triangle'. The term is recognized outside Upper Silesia, although it is not much in use. Football is the most common sport in Zabrze and the city ahs its own team called Gornik Zabrze. It is a men's football team that has won many Polish Cups.

The economy is similar to other towns in Poland. There are a large number of iron, wire, glass, chemical and oil works manufacturing industries as well as breweries over here. Coal-mines are also abundant in this region.

Zabrze is twinned with Sangerhausen, Germany; Seclin, France; Lund, Sweden; Sonderborg, Denmark;Kaliningrad, Russia; Trnava, Slovakia; Opava, Czech Republic; Hazleton, United States and Rivne, Ukraine. The two popular hotels of Zabrze are Ibis Katowice Zabrze and Hotel Diament Zabrze. Kingfisher Airlines and Jet airways have a number of cheapest flights to Zabrze.

A fairly silent town in the heart of Silesia, its neighboring towns of Bytom and Gliwice offer a pleasant yet sleepy and dormant environment. The workers and localites finally settle after a hard days work and enjoy a peaceful life in Zabrze.

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