by Vishal Kumar

Plock is located in central Poland. A city on the Vistula river, with 127,224 citizens. The main industry in Plock is oil refining.

Plock is located in central Poland. A city on Vistula River, with 127,224 citizens.

It is within the territory of Masovian Voivodeship ever since 1999. The main attraction lies in its 12th-century cathedral, Cathedral Basilica, which contains the tombs of Ladislaus Herman and Boleslaus III, Wrymouth all being the dukes of Poland. Plock is the primary seat of preaching and establishing the religion for the Mariavite bishops. The most famous church was built during the 20th century and is called the Temple of Mercy and Charity. It is situated near the Vistula River. The small temple in Kwiatka Street is also worth seeing.

The main industry in Plock is oil refining. PKN Orlen is the country’s largest oil refinery and company and is served by a large pipeline, connecting Russia to Germany. There are many industrial activities connected with the refinery, for servicing, construction, and production. The educational opportunities are excellent over here and are made all the more favorable with the presence of Universities like Szkola Wyzsza. Pawla Wlodkowica, Panstwowa Wyzsza Szkola Zawodowa w Plocku and Plock Campus of Warsaw University of Technology. Marszalka Stanislawa Malachowskiego w Plocku is the oldest school in Poland.

Wisla Plock is the most important and popular Sport in Plock. Plock is situated adjacent to towns like:

  • Mazeikiai
  • Mytishchi
  • Darmstadt
  • Fort Wayne
  • Navapolatsk
  • Auxerre
  • Balti, Moldova
  • Loznica
  • Forli
  • Thurrock

This picturesque city is the first capital of the Masovia province and for a short term, it was even Poland’s capital. It is one of the ancient towns in Poland with a history worth a thousand years and nowadays is significant for its high-yielding oil industry. Also famous for having the oldest Polish high school, the sarcophagus of two of Poland’s rulers as well as the Wisla Plock handball and football teams, and the oldest museum, it still magnetizes tourists visiting Masovia or commonly called Plock.

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