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Poland Climate

Poland Climate, in general, is moderate in nature. It has the dual element of Maritime and Continental Climate. This diversity in Poland Climate is mainly due to
the collision of the humid Atlantic air with the dry air that blows from theEurasian interior. Due to this collision that occurs over the Polish territory the Poland Climate appears to be capricious and the seasons vary from year to year. In general, North and West Poland Climate is primarily Maritime and the Eastern part of the country experiences a distinctly Continental type of Climate.

The major element the regulates Poland Climate are the air masses that come over the Polish territory. The humid polar maritime air that flows in from the North Atlantic brings in cloud and cold weather in the Summer whereas the Winters witness fog and thaw. The Polar Continental air that flows in from Russia results in frosts in winter and heat periods in the summer months. Poland experiences almost all kind of air masses that flow in the Northern Hemisphere this causes major variation in the nature of Poland Climate. The Lowland topography is a major factor that shapes Poland Climate. The absence of any kind of natural barrier allows all the kinds of air masses to flow freely

Poland Climate can be divided into six distinct seasons. Besides the four usual European seasons, Poland Climate experiences two other seasons, early spring (przedwiosnie) and early winter (przedzimie). The length of the Seasons in Poland vary from one Geographical region to the other.

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