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Full name Republic of Poland
Poland Capital Warsaw
Language Polish, German, English
Currency Zloty
Religion Roman Catholic
National Anthem "Mazurek Dabrowskiego"
Newspaper Dziennik, Fakt, Gazeta Wyborcza, Nasz Dziennik, Parkiet, Przeglad Sportowy, Puls Biznesu, Puls Biznesu, Rzeczpospolita, Super Express, Trybuna, Zycie Warszawy etc
Places to Visit Great Masurian Lakes, Krakow, Warsaw, Auschwitz, Bialowieza National Park, Czartoryski Museum, Malbork Castle, Slowinski National Park etc are the tourist attractions of the country.
Transport Airways: Warsaw and Ryanair airlines offer frequent flights between several capital cities.
Shopping Glassworks, ceramic works, hand-knitted carpets, silverworks, enamelware, beautiful dolls, handcrafted jewelry, Amber and silver jewelry, woodcarvings, clay works and metal sculptures are found in cheap prices in this country.
Poland was under the rule of Russia and became independent in the year 1918. Visit this country and enjoy the tour. There are much to see here.

Physical Map Of Poland :
The land of Poland is mainly flat. Mountain ranges, highlands and plateaus also cover a considerable portion of the country. Especially towards the southern region, you will find hills and mountain ranges.

Poland Map

The highest altitude of the country is the Rysy peak that rises almost 2,499 meters above the sea. On the other hand the lowest point is located near the Raczki Elblaskie that goes up to 2 meters below the sea.

Poland Location Map

Location Of Poland :
Republic of Poland is situated in the central region of the European continent. The neighboring nations are Germany in the western side, Ukraine and Belarus in the eastern side, Czech Republic and Slovakia in the southern region, Lithuania, and Russia in the north.

Poland also borders the Baltic Sea in the northern side. Denmark and Sweden also lie in the borderline of Poland.

Flag Of Poland :
The Poland Flag is very simple and strait. The flag contains two horizontal bands that are equal in size. The upper band of the flag is white and the lower one is red. The flag bears some similarity to the Indonesian flag and Monaco flag. However those flags have red band in the upper position. The white color of the flag is the symbol of peace and hope. On the other hand red is symbolic of socialism in Poland. These are colors are taken from the coat of arms of Poland.

Climate of Poland :
The weather remains moderate throughout the year in Poland. The winter months are characterized with cold, weather and cloudy sky. Some amount of rainfall also occurs in this period. The summer months on the other hand are mild. You might have to face frequent downpours and thunderstorms.

•  Flora : Poland has diverse vegetation with unique species. In the forests of Poland you will find various species of coniferous trees such as pine etc. then there are the deciduous species like beech, elm, birch and so on.

•  Fauna : Similarly the fauna of the country is also rich. Various species of lynx, European bison, wildcat; wild horse or tarpan, moose, wild goats etc are found in the forests of the country. Rare species of birds are also found here. The water bodies contain several species fishes.

People Of Poland :
Almost 38,622,000 people reside in the Republic of Poland. Polish is the largest race in this country. The other minority groups are German, Ukrainian, Belarusian and some other tribes. Polish is the official language of the country. However, other languages are also spoken in some regions of Poland.

Art, Culture And Music Of Poland :
•  Art : Poland has a strong artistic atmosphere. Except literature and poetry, legends, jokes, folk songs and riddles are also considered as different forms of artistic reflections. Besides these, woodcarvings, paintings, handicrafts are also practiced in various parts of the country.

•  Culture : The culture of Poland reflects various customs and traditions of the different tribes and races residing in the country. Western and eastern impact can be seen in the polish culture still today. Music and dance are also two intigral parts of the Polish traditions. Since various religions are there in this country, some customs are rituals of various religions have been accepted in the country's tradition.

•  Music : Folk music is very popular in the Republic of Poland. The two primary music genre of Poland are poezja spiewana and disco polo. The popularity of rock music and hip-hop music prevails over the pop music in this country.

Economy Of Poland :
Poland has a stable economic status. Unemployment is also not a big issue in this country. It is a rich with its natural resources such as sulfur, copper, natural gas, coal, silver, salt, Amber, lead, arable land etc. The primary agricultural products of the country are fruits, vegetables, wheat, potatoes and so on. The industries that are developing very fast are machine-building industry; coal mining industry, shipbuilding industry, iron and steel industry, food processing industry, textile industry glass industry, beverages, chemicals etc. The materials that are exported to the foreign countries are Germany, Italy, UK, France, Russia, Czech Republic and Netherlands.