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The West Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland has Szczecin as its capital city. As the seventh largest city and harbor on Polish mainland, it overlooks the beautiful Baltic Sea shores, adding to the natural attraction of the land.

Located by the side of River Oder and in the southern parts of the Bay of Pomerania and Szczecin Lagoon,
the city of Szczecin is surrounded by Lake Dabie and several other large islands all along the eastern and western shores of the river. All these waterfronts contribute much in enhancing the scenic beauty of the region, that has a completely different appeal on the minds of international travelers and nature-lovers.

The origin of Szczecin can be traced back to as early as 1642 when extensive fortifications started on the land to protect it from potential foreign invasions. Although it became a significant seaport only around 1900, but trade and commercial activities were not unknown here even in ancient times. The city underwent several foreign intrusions in different historical eras, beginning from the primitive Iron Age till early 1950s. Western Slavic tribal people seemed to be the original inhabitants of Szczecin in early times.

Szczecin in Poland is a well-planned city with stylish architectures spread all over the mainland areas. The wide streets, lanes, green parks and fields reflect the exceptional and original creative senses of the town planners and God Omnipotent, both of whom contribute much in making the surroundings as eye-catching and habitable as possible. This beautifully planned city is divided and sub-divided into boroughs and small neighboring regions for the sake of local administration.

The economy of Szczecin in Poland thrives to a great extent on trade and commercial activities, and the manufacturing products are exported to foreign nations through the port region. This in turn, brings in sufficient foreign currencies on the land, making it financially more and more sound, stable and prosperous. A good number of companies like Cefarm drug factory, Polish Steamship Company, Drobimex and Bosman brewery have their headquarters and manufacturing units in Szczecin.

Finally, it is due to a handful of cultural activities in Szczecin that travelers throng the region from time to time. Apart from the presence of numerous art and entertainment centers and museums, celebrations like 'Street Artists' Festival','Days of the Sea', 'Days of The Ukrainian Culture' and Air Show on Dabie Airport invite a bulk of foreigners on the land, thereby encouraging extensive travel and tourism activities in Szczecin. In fact, Szczecin is a dream destination to worldwide tourists and nature-lovers.

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