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Calvin Coolidge the 30th President of US

the 30th President of United States of America was Calvin Coolidge. His tenure as the President of United States was from 2nd August 1923 to 4th March 1929. Calvin represented the State of Massachusetts in America as a President of the United States.
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On 4th July,1872, Calvin Coolidge was born in Windsor County, Vermont. He was nicknamed as "Silent Cal". He preceded Warren G. Harding as the President. Later he was succeeded by Herbert Hoover.

Calvin Coolidge also become the Governor of Massachusetts. He was the 48th Governor. As a Governor he held the office from 2nd January 1919 to 6th January 1921.He also became North Hampton's Mayor. He was the eldest child of his parents. John Calvin Sr. and Victoria Coolidge were his parents. Calvin's father was a store keeper of the village. Calvin Coolidge attended St. Johnsbury Academy and Amherst College for his education. He completed his graduation with honors from Amherst College.

Grace Coolidge was Calvin's wife. Coolidge loved to eat pancakes. Some of his favorite sports and hobbies were shooting clay pigeons, fishing, golf, Grace Coolidge was Calvin's wife. Coolidge loved to eat pancakes. Some of his favorite sports and hobbies were shooting clay pigeons, fishing, golf, pitching hay. Rob Roy was the name of his pet dog. Before being the President of United States of America he was a lawyer. As a President, he was in favor of preserving old economic and moral principles in the middle of material resources that the people of America was enjoying.

Calvin Coolidge got rapid popularity as a President. He also came to be known as " Coolidge prosperity". He even bagged about 54% of America's popular votes. One of the approachable President of United States was Calvin Coolidge.

1872Born in Vermont
1895Graduates from Amherst College
1897Admitted to the Massachusetts bar; attorney in private practice in Northampton, Massachusetts after 1898
1899-1901Holds two elected positions in Northampton, Massachusetts
1907-8Serves in Massachusetts state house
1910-11Serves as mayor of Northampton, Massachusetts
1912-15Serves in Massachusetts state senate
1916-18Serves in Massachusetts lieutenant governor
1919-20Serves as Massachusetts governor; gains national attention for firing striking police officers in Boston and using the state militia as temporary replacements
1921-23Serves as U.S. Vice President under Warren G. Harding
1923Teapot Dome scandal rocks Harding administration
1923-29Serves as thirtieth U.S. President, following death of Harding; fires all administration officials implicated in the Teapot dome scandal
1929After having declined to seek reelection, Coolidge retires to Northampton, Massachusetts; stock market crashes in October, beginning the Great Depression
1933Dies in Massachusetts
Election Results
1924Presidential / Vice Presidential CandidatesPopular votesElectoral votes
Calvin Coolidge / Charles G. Dawes (Republican)15725016382
John W. Davis / Charles W. Bryan (Democratic)8386503136
Robert M. La Follette / Burton K. Wheeler (Progressive)482285613
Administration Dates:August 3, 1923-March 4, 1925 (first term)
March 4, 1925-March 4, 1929 (second term)
Vice President:None (1923-1925)
Charles G. Dawes (1925-29)
Secretary of StateCharles Evans Hughes (1923-25)
Frank B. Kellogg (1925-29)
Secretary of the TreasuryAndrew W. Mellon (1923-29)
Secretary of WarJohn W. Weeks (1923-25)
Dwight F. Davis (1925-29)
Attorney GeneralHarry M. Daugherty (1923-24)
Harlan F. Stone (1924-25)
John G. Sargent (1925-29)
Secretary of the NavyEdwin Denby (1923-24)
Curtis D. Wilbur (1924-29)
Postmaster GeneralHarry S. New (1923-29)
Secretary of the InteriorHubert Work (1923-28)
Roy O. West (1928-29)
Secretary of AgricultureHenry C. Wallace (1923-24)
Howard M. Gore (1924-25)
William M. Jardine (1925-29)
Secretary of LaborJames J. Davis (1923-29)
Secretary of CommerceHerbert C. Hoover (1923-28)
William F. Whiting (1928-29)

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