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UK Flag (British Flag)

The flag of the United Kingdom, one of the most renowned flags in the world, was officially adopted on January 1, 1801.

United Kingdom Flag

Flag of United Kingdom

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Ireland Flag
Ireland Flag

United Kingdom Flag Description
Known as the Union Flag, the flag of the United Kingdom features the cross of Saint George, the cross of Saint Patrick, and the Saltire of Saint Andrew in red with white borders and a blue background. The crosses each represent a country of the United Kingdom.
Saint George is the patron saint of England, and the Saint George cross, the red perpendicular lines crossing the flag horizontally and vertically, is used as England's national flag. Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, and his cross is a red X stretching from corner to corner. Scotland is represented by the cross of Saint Andrew, its patron saint, which is a white X on a blue background. These crosses together form the Union Jack on the flag of the United Kingdom. Wales, which is also part of the United Kingdom, is grouped under England's cross, because it had been part of the Kingdom of England.

The UK flag is called the Union Jack because it represents the union of the countries of United Kingdom. The Union Jack is often featured as part of the flags of British colonies and former colonies.


Last Updated On : October 04, 2012