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United Kingdom Map

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UK Map (United Kingdom)

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About Map of the UK

The Map of the UK gives an accurate location of the country and its geographical features. It shows the relief pattern, political boundaries, and important features of the country such as mountain ranges, mountain peaks, rivers, and lakes. An ideal guide for travelers, this map depicts major roads, airports, seaports, and cities.

The map also provides information about the major attractions in the UK such as Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Grand Opera House, Wallace Monument, National Museum, and many more. This easily downloadable map is a rich source of information and is very useful for educational purposes, tourism, business, and ready references. The interactive map of UK enables users to get precise information by clicking on any region on the map.

History of the UK

The United Kingdom has a rich history spanning many millennia. Today, one would recognize the UK for its colonial conquests and establishing a vast empire upon which the sun would never set. But many centuries ago, the United Kingdom was not a major power but itself formed a part of the great Roman Empire.

The Romans ruled from 43AD to 410AD until the Anglo Saxons invaded Britain. They reigned over Britain until the Norman Conquest in 1066.

By 1282, the English took over Wales, and by 1536 an act was signed to complete the union of England and Wales.

By 1603, England and Scotland were also united under the crown. Finally, England and Scotland were unified as Great Britain in 1707.

The political union of England, Wales, Scotland (called Great Britain), and Ireland was completed on 1801, and lasted until 1921.

During this period, Ireland continued its struggle for independence. In 1921, the Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed and the Irish Free State was established. In the early 20th century, Northern Ireland officially separated from the rest of Ireland.

If you are inclined to know more about the UK's past, visit our page on the history of the United Kingdom.

Geography Facts of the UK

  • The UK is located in Western Europe, between the North Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, separated from Europe mainland by the English Channel.

  • The United Kingdom is a political union of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales with each region having its unique history and culture.

  • A man-made tunnel beneath the English Channel, popularly called the Chunnel, links France to the United Kingdom.

  • The UK has a coastline of 7,723 miles and is surrounded by water on all sides.

More Geographical Aspects of the United Kingdom.

UK Tourism

The UK is the world's eighth most popular destination. Major cities for tourism in the United Kingdom include London, Belfast (Ireland), and Edinburgh (Scotland). Having several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the UK is an appealing tourist destination. Some of the famous tourist attractions in the country are:

London - the capital of England and the United Kingdom
London is a fascinating destination comprising a rich culture and history showcased in art galleries and museums. London is home to amazing green parks, shopping malls, a vibrant theater scene and fine dining experience. Some of the most amazing attractions here include the Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Big Ben, Thames River, Tower Bridge, and the famous double-decker buses.

Know More about London

Steeped in mystery, Stonehenge is one of the most popular historical sites in the UK. Tracing its origin back to 3100BC, Stonehenge comprises a circular setting of large standing stones.

Cambridge is not only a popular tourist destination but is also home to the University of Cambridge, which is one of the top universities in the world. Here one can also visit The King's College Chapel.

Lake District
It is the second largest national park in the country and is located in the county of Cumbria. Known for its scenic beauty, the national park is popular among hikers and climbers. About 14 million people visit the park annually.

The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is steeped in Scottish history. The Old Town is best known for its famous street, the Royal Mile, while the New Town is popular for its Neoclassical architecture.

Culture and People

English is the official language of the United Kingdom. Recognized regional languages include Scots, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Irish, and Cornish.

Christianity is the largest religion followed in the United Kingdom. Other prominent religions are Islam and Hinduism. Some of the prominent writers, philosophers, and poets of the country include Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare, John Milton, Alexander Pope, Robert Burns, Samuel Johnson, Percy Shelly, Lord Byron, and HG Wells.

The West End is the main theater district in the United Kingdom.

Getting In and Around

The largest airport in the UK, by traffic volume, is London Heathrow Airport. The second largest airport is Gatwick Airport and the third largest is Manchester Airport.

UK's rail network consists of two independent parts, Northern Ireland and Great Britain. Since 1994, Great Britain has been connected to mainland Europe through the Channel Tunnel, while the network of Northern Ireland is connected to that of the Republic of Ireland.

London Underground, which is commonly known as the "Tube", is the most well-known rapid transit system in the country. Opened in 1863, it is the oldest rapid transit system in the world.

See our detailed London Tube map to learn more about the its network.

Interesting Facts about the UK

  • Windsor Castle is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the United Kingdom. It is also the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world.
  • The ravens are the most celebrated residents of the Tower of London.
  • English physician and scientist Christopher Merret is said to have invented Champagne.
  • The British Library in London is among the largest in the world.
  • The United Kingdom does not have a written constitution.
  • One of the most developed countries of the world, the United Kingdom was once famous for controlling a quarter of the earth's land area.
  • An Indian delicacy, the Chicken Tikka Masala, has been named as the new national dish of the United Kingdom.

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